CBP Artist Q&A: Shamon Cassette

Create Blueprint recently caught up with one of our new clients, Shamon Cassette, on a trip to Costa Rica. Cassette is a multifaceted creative whose talents span from music to fashion design and just about everything in between. In addition to just releasing a dynamic, beautifully designed new mixtape entitled NSTBK, he’s also been included on the Red Hot + Fela compilation in tribute to late, great artist Fela Kuti, along with recording artists such as My Morning Jacket, Merrill Garbus of tUnE-yArDs, Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes and more. Proceeds from the album go to raise AIDS awareness, the disease the Kuti succumbed to. We chatted about his vision for NSTBK and his involvement in the Kuti compilation as well as upcoming projects.

What was your vision behind NSTBK?

The vision was to create a body of work that removes the listener from the present time and places them in the drivers seat of a red Delorian in Brooklyn during the summer of 1993.


You haven’t released a solo album for quite awhile, what inspired you to release a new album now?

#NSTBK is actually my first Solo Album since disbanding from @vertualvertigo. Its long been a vision to release my first solo album direct to tape.

We loved the cassette and the design elements that went along with it. Who did you collaborate with on the album art?

It’s a pal of mine in Berlin named Julio. He has an international art brand called @44flavours. We’ve worked on a few projects together over the past years. Namely, all of the Robot Koch collab records.

You were recently included on the Red Hot + Fela compilation. How did you get involved?

I was in South Africa last year about this time working in the studio w/ @SpoekMathambo when Seun Kuti (Son of Fela) put in the request. It was basically a right time/right place type of scenario.

How has Fela Kuti inspired you and your music?

He was one of the greatest showmen of all time. His style, finesse, energy and lyrical content were things that inspired me through out my journey and I like to remind myself of applying these things to my movement. The feeling you get from Afrobeat is uncontrollable. It’s like black post modern space crunk.


You are a very collaborative artist, what would be your dream collaboration?

My dream collaboration would be Sade, Gunplay, Andre3000 and me produced by Marly Marl.

You are also a fashion designer, can you tell us a little about that?

I make Shoes and bags. Its my balance for the music. Quite meditational as well. When I need to clear my mind i hop on the sewing machine. My brand (@VGRNTNYC) is releasing pieces for the fall actually, in collaboration with my next music project.


Any new projects on the horizon you can give us some hints about?

Spoek and I have combined forces and will be releasing a series of records and visuals under @WaveCrusher. It’s a whole new movement that spans from South Africa to Brooklyn .The campaign actually starts in 2 weeks. I have new work with @robotkoch coming soon, Another really big surprise thats yet been unannounced but a hint is that its produced by @Jamerson, @Monomassive and @LikePacDiv on beats as well as raps and myself.