Artist Collaborations: Art Bar for Performa15 Gala

Last November, the Performa15 Opening Night & Gala paid tribute to the Renaissance and the centuries of artists who brought visual culture to life through rituals and pageantry, continuing Performa’s legacy of tying historical practices to the contemporary realm.

Rather than a traditional bar set up, Create Blueprint commissioned an Art Bar for Performa15 Major Sponsor and client, AVIV Vodka.  Attendees were able to engage with the Renaissance tribute in an immersive experience.

The custom Art Bar, conceived and produced by artist Anthony Hart, consists of elements inspired by 15th Century Renaissance architecture. These pieces were molded, distressed and carved to create visual nods to the Renaissance. A concrete coating was added and distressed to match the patinas found on the outside of the church hosting the event. The lighting of the bar was used to modernize the elements and highlight the custom marble menu carved just for the special night.

Photo Mar 09, 11 59 19 PMDSC_5195DSC_5163BW artbar_cbpDSC_5235DSC_5151DSC_5143_crop_sepia (1)