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Brand Activations: AVIV Vodka | Martini Mixology Class at Neuehouse

In partnership with All Beuys Club, AVIV Vodka hosted “How to make the Perfect AVIV Martini” class for Liberty Fairs fashion trade show attendees and Atrium NYC apparel executives. Hosted at the membership-based collaborative workspace and influencer hub, Neuehouse, molecular mixologist Brandan Payne and his partner introduced attendees to the AVIV brand. Throughout the evening, Payne taught guests how to make the perfect martini as well as other craft cocktails that included unusual ingredients such as cotton candy and caviar bubbles. Brandan did an amazing job of engaging the audience with the AVIV brand story through the bottle design and cocktail preparation. All in all, the class not only informed and introduced guests to the brand, but taught them a new skill and was an experience.

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