Brand Activations: SoBe A.R.T (ARTIST IN RESIDENCY) | Miami Art Week

Create Blueprint developed and managed the SoBe A.R.T. (ARTIST IN RESIDENCY) initiative during Miami Art Week 2015, alongside All Beuys Club.

SoBe and the PepsiCo Creator team – a marketing innovation group on a mission to explore the edges of culture & co-create innovative experiences to engage creators and consumers – partnered to pilot a one-of-a-kind model that re-imagines the idea of artist-in-residency. The project leverages five lifestyle influencers (aka “creators”) from diverse artistic disciplines that are early in their careers and embody the essence of SoBe by living up to the spirit of “Ride the Wild”.  Check out the SoBe A.R.T. Creators and their work: Jora Frantzis, Melly Lee, Nick SawyersElton CasteeChase

The project we produced featured a SoBe A.R.T. branded installation, designed and produced by artist Anthony Hart, exhibiting the SoBe Creators works. The project culminated with a series of workshops and inspiring discussions  designed specifically for the SoBe Creators. The trek provided consult with influential artists and art-industry professionals, including artist Naturel, Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, A&O PR, Twitter’s Curator, and Performa‘s Communications Director, among others.

SOBE A.R.T. Exhibition during Miami Art Week
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Photo Feb 19, 1 12 40 AM Photo Feb 19, 1 13 08 AM


SoBe A.R.T. Trek
Photo Feb 19, 1 30 17 AM
SoBe A.R.T. Creators speaking with Performa’s Job Piston and Curator Roya Sachs.
SoBe A.R.T. Creators’ Breakfast Session with Artist, Naturel