CBP News: Create Blueprint Supports the Performa15 Biennial

The Performa15 biennial has arrived! Commencing today with a special performance titled Fortuna Desperata with Francesco Vezzoli and David Hallberg presented at New York City historical landmark, St. Bart’s Church, Performa will take over New York until November 22nd. Since 2004, Performa has been a leader in commissioning artists who together shape the next chapter of the multi-century legacy of visual artists working in live performance. Serving as an incubator for artists’ projects, Performa encourages new directions for live performance while paying homage to the form’s history and making way for its future.

This sixth edition brings together a total of more than 30 artists from 12 countries around the world to participate in three weeks of exciting programming. For each biennial, Performa pays homage to a bygone era through a historical anchor, such as Futurism and Russian Constructivism, showing the prevalence of live art during earlier periods; this year the historic reference is The Renaissance.

As a co-sponsor of Performa15, alongside our client AVIV Vodka, a major sponsor, we’re looking forward to supporting the artists this year and experiencing all the amazing events throughout New York.

Below are our top Performa15 Artist Commissions & Event Picks:


Francesco Vezzolli/David Hallberg | *Featured in W Mag!

Francesco Vezzoli’s performance Fortuna Desperata opens the Performa 15 biennial with a dramatic illumination of the birth of ballet, exploring the form’s earliest incarnations in the royal courts of the Italian Renaissance.



Heather Phillipson and Marc Beasley

British artist Heather Phillipson and curator Mark Beasley discuss the role of language and poetry in her Performa 15 installation and other recent exhibitions, including the 2015 Istanbul Biennial.



Pauline Curnier Jardin, The Resurrection Plot

With her Resurrection Plot Amsterdam-based French visual artist Pauline Curnier Jardin takes the audience on an idiosyncratic journey through the Renaissance nodding toward the period’s emphasis on renewal, revival, and regeneration.



Wyatt Kahn | *Featured in W Mag!

For Performa 15, Wyatt Kahn takes on the role of puppet master with a tongue-in-cheek performance in which his paintings come to life and argue violently with him, their maker, rising up against him in a comical climax…



Jérôme Bel Ballet

Performa 15 welcomes the return of acclaimed French conceptual choreographer Jérôme Bel with a bold new work specially devised for the city of New York unfolding over the course of the biennial’s three weeks and presented in three separate venues: a downtown dance studio (Martha Graham Studio Theater), midtown art gallery (Marian Goodman Gallery), and uptown theater (at El Museo del Barrio).



Arnold Schönberg’s Erwartung – A Performance by Robin Rhode

Robin Rhode performs Austrian composer Arnold Schönberg’s atonal opera Erwartung (Expectation), transforming it to reflect the experiences of women who have been separated interminably from their husbands by the migrant labor system, political exile, activism and/or imprisonment.


Jesper_Just__Servitudes_still__2015_-_Courtesy_of_the_artist_1_1000_618 (1)

Jesper Just and FOS | *Featured in W Mag!

For his latest work on the 10th anniversary of Performa, Jesper Just collaborates with Danish artist FOS to present an installation and performance that addresses spectatorship and its dual nature. Exploring crowd dynamics and psychology, as well as the overlapping tension and opposition of private and public space, the work investigates and toes the boundaries between those who act and those who look.



Oscar Murrillo, Lucky Dip

Oscar Murillo’s new live work explores concepts of production, protest, and displacement as they relate to labor advocacy and immigration movements.



Edgar Arceneaux, Until, Until, Until…

Edgar Arceneaux’s first live work, Until, Until, Until…, investigates the infamous 1981 performance of Broadway legend Ben Vereen, televised nationally as part of Ronald Reagan’s inaugural celebration.