CBP Artist Q&A: Red Bull Studios Cape Town

Create Blueprint’s Creative Director, Joy Sela, dropped in to the new Red Bull Studios in Cape Town, to experience the unique recording studio first hand. Red Bull Studios is built around the idea of storytelling and music, facilitating in studio experiences that are shared globally with high-quality photography and documentation through a responsive web presence. The Red Bull Studio online platform is a portal to the international studio sites, all of which reflect the local community within which it is located. Yet, the studios use the universal appeal of music to connect to a broader community as well as the other studios. Joy found out a little more about this innovative concept through a quick Q&A.

How does the Cape Town studio fit into the bigger umbrella of Red Bull Studios around the world?
The Red Bull Studios are born out of the Red Bull Music Academy which took place in Cape Town in 2003. The team sets up facilities in the country in which the RBMA is taking place and the studio is left behind as its legacy. I think it’s important to understand the link, but also the clear separation between the Studios and the RBMA as a project. The RBMA is a travelling music symposium and project on its own whereas the studio, although an offshoot of RBMA, is its own localized entity in each city.


How is the Cape Town studio different or similar to other studios?

There are obviously standard protocols worldwide in terms of gear, aesthetic and practice, but each studio has its own unique look, feel, objective, team etc. With each studio being located in it’s own vibrant city, the studio intrinsically takes on the flavor of that city. With our studio having such a large submission base, we naturally percolate Cape Towns vibe in our studio through the artists that come through.


What are some stand-out projects that have happened at the studio?

Wow, to single out one over the last couple years I been here is very difficult. Check out our site to really begin to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.


What is most exciting or inspiring about music in South Africa right now?
I think musicians in SA are beginning to really embrace South African culture without having to adopt or merely assimilate international styles. Homies are becoming aware that the world is looking in, and it seems that the guys who are really standing out now are those who realize that what makes them special is their own heritage and taste, not their favorite artists. Its super exciting!

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All images via Red Bull Studio Capetown Facebook.