CBP News: Balance Dinner #CreateYourBlueprint

At Create Blueprint, we are dedicated to leading passionate and purposeful lives and bringing that into everything we do. Creativity and passion comes first, which makes for compelling and meaningful work for our clients.  The Create Your Blueprint Campaign works to motivate and inspire others to live from a space of passion, giving their gifts to the world by creating from the core of who they are and what they have to offer.

As part of the campaign this summer, we hosted a dinner at NeueHouse to celebrate creative and social entrepreneurs and hear about living authentically and what balance from within means to them.

Curated by NeueHouse and our Creative Director, Joy Sela, the Balance dinner brought together 14 influential entrepreneurs and creatives.  They spoke about “work, life & play” over great food and refreshing AVIV Vodka cocktails. Joy started the conversation by talking about her personal journey of building Create Blueprint. She explained that in order to create from a space of authenticity her agency began to only take clients who aligned with what was meaningful to her and her staff, and how her agency and life transformed from there. The table then became an explosion of creative conversation. “Work, life & play” was just a starting point for a deeper conversation about internal balance. Coming from a balanced and mindful space was a theme in the group’s ability to achieve success and simply make the world that much better. Aly Teich, founder of The Sweat Life, talked about her purpose of helping people live their healthiest life and that health is about mind, body & soul. Amy Chan, founder of Just My Type Mag, spoke about how she heals through her words. Sharifa Murdock, founder of Liberty Fairs spoke about mentoring the younger generation. Everyone at the table was truly generated by an internal balance that allowed creativity to flow through in their pursuits, making the conversation and Balance dinner one to remember.

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