Client News: Corners4 At Story for

Story, an innovative boutique in New York houses a rotating collection of unique wares from a balance of local companies and well-known brands. Designed to mirror the editorial style of a magazine, Story collaborates with guest curators and architects every four to six weeks to reinvent the merchandise and decor with a fresh theme.

In its final week, the current Story boutique theme is “” and it’s been a match made in heaven for our client, Corners4 to be included in the roster of stylish tech themed items on display. The theme explores the integration of technology, fashion and product design. Keeping Corners4 company, Style.Tech also features: Ringly connected cocktail rings, the stylish Swiss-made Withings Activit√©, and origami chic neo-luxe Finell handbags. Suits with LED-lapelled blazers from CuteCircuit, 3D-printed high heels from Continuum, and a fully charged ready-to-wear clothing collection from Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen that uses solar panels to charge your phone are also on display. It’s not just about function, interactive elements round out the showcase with¬† a freestanding S.E.L.F.I.E station, powered by Intel and created by iStrategyLabs. The webcam-enabled mirror automatically takes a picture when you smile and shares to Twitter for you.

Style.Tech runs through October 12th at STORY on 144 Tenth Avenue, New York.